Gary Bovan 
Current President - organizes all activities of organization. 

Susan Bovan
Treasurer and Secretary - keeps all our finances and paper work in order.

Gail Djerf

Relentless in securing door prizes for the show.  She assists and helps with every asset of the show!

Mark Zimmanck

Responsible for the Friday night cruise.  

Tim Palomaki

Responsible for music at the event, but also helps throughout the year to make the event a success.

Chris & Ann Marie Case

​Responsible for swap meet set up , location and all related issue’s with this.

Jane Peronto

Assists with registration for the car show.

Local Vietnam Veterans

Show day parking

We are always looking for additional help, please contact us if you can lend a hand.  It doesn't require a lot of your time, just a commitment to follow through.

Where can you help ?


Passing out flyers

​Car show awards  ( picking a design for our supplier )

​Picking up door prizes

​Set up & Tear down

​Videoing the car cruise and show

Assisting anyone who needs help​